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- Edge molds for decorative edge designs in concrete countertops

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Flexible edge molds for forming concrete countertops, table tops and more. Use to create detailed edge design with all concrete and GFRC mixes, either precast or cast in place. These decorative edge mold form liners are easy to work with and durable enough to be used many, many times. Trim to length with a standard razor knife. Support the concrete countertop edge mold with plywood angles, standard 2x4 lumber, foam or any other rigid material. Create any shape. Perfect for forming openings for undermount sinks. Use bare or with your preferred release. Installation is easy with our custom three-quarter inch wide Pressure Sensitive Adhesive double-sided form tape. Clean with water or denatured alcohol as needed.

50 Foot Lengths  Edge Mold Profiles   See the helpful instructional video here: YouTube

Decorative concrete countertop edge molds come in fifty foot lengths in four popular profiles: Bullnose, Chamfer, Eased Square and Ogee.


When you use these decorative concrete countertop edge mold form liners multiple times your cost can be as low as one dollar per foot! Or even less!

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    Use our Pressure Sensitive Adhesive double-sided form tape to install the plywood angles, 2x4 lumber, foam or other rigid material to your base sheet. Removal is clean, any remaining residue can be removed with water or denatured alcohol. No more nails and screws, no more wasted base sheet material!




    Concrete countertop edge molds create a detailed edge design on concrete countertops. Decorative concrete edges enhance the beauty of any concrete countertop, concrete table top, concrete furniture and more. Use as edge form liners against plywood, 2x lumber, foam or any other rigid material to hold the decorative concrete countertop edge mold in the desired shape. Form straight edges, curves, esses, sink openings and more. Concrete countertop edge molds for professionals and for the do it yourself hobbiest fabricating concrete countertops, concrete tables, concrete furniture, GFRC countertops, GFRC tables, GFRC furniture, and any other item in need of a detailed edge design.